I am an engineer by profession. Since 2009, I turned my focus on tailoring and design.

I was born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela, a city with the best climate in the world, summer all year long.

I was living 11 years in Madrid, Spain, a city with lots of art, history and above all valuable and adorable traditions, which are passed from generation to generation. This even more deepened my love for long-established traditions of lasting value, the true meaning of “vintage” when we wear a garment that belonged to our parents or grandparents are still intact.


After becoming pregnant (end 2008) I felt very disappointed to find only uninspiring, mass-production, expensive clothes of mostly poor quality for my baby.

Therefore, back then I decided to start knitting and sewing for my son myself, and later also for my nieces and the boys and girls of friends. This resulted in creating my own brand called “Mary Márquez”, the goal being to return to a more thoughtful way of working in these times of soulless mass production.


In January 2012, I moved to Munich, Germany, which I experience as a very multicultural city with its very own and distinctive background based on the local Bavarian traditions. The use of traditional dress is common in day to day, often garments with own history within each family.


This mixture of cultures have inspired me to start this project, which born with great illusion and where I hope that people who visit us enjoy as much as I do the art of creating with fabrics, lace, applications…






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For promotional and business collaborations,  or for any personal questions, you can reach me here: 

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